From green light to red light

In a previous post, I mentioned my goals for the upcoming break that would lead me to greater independence. However, one of my major goals has been crossed off my list and not by my own choosing (thus the major strike through of one entire paragraph in my previous post).

I planned on taking my road test in the next few weeks. My driving instructor recently promised me that winter break would be the best time to take the test and that I would be ready. Today she recanted her statement so in all likelihood, I will not be taking my road test. And as usual, the timeline in my head is considerably shorter than reality.

This is the second time that she has made such a promise and broke it. I'm really angry and disappointed! Getting my license means so much to me and my independence. I was so excited that after spending 15 months taking lessons, I would finally reach my goal. Now my timeline is postponed further. I wish she had not gotten my hopes up!


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