An undeserving revelation

The other night I was lying awake trying to figure out why I have stopped and started the service dog application process so many times. People ask me if I really want the dog, sighting my procrastination as an indication that perhaps I do not. I do truly want to get a service dog. I do believe that having a service dog would enrich my life in many ways. Being partnered with a service dog will make me more independent and give me a greater sense of self-confidence.

My revelation came in the form of this thought: I do not deserve a service dog. But now I must ask myself why?

For some reason I feel like my physical restrictions are not as severe as that of other people seeking service dogs. But at the same time, I must remind myself that although demand is greater than supply, I am not preventing someone who needs a service dog from getting one just because I am pursuing the same goal.

I must relinquish the idea that I do not deserve a service dog if I am to be successful in completing the application process. I hope I can do that, but it is more than a hope, it is a must. It's time for a paradigm shift towards success.


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